Diarios de Bicicleta

On this homepage we wanted to keep informed our families and friends of our journey by bike in South America in 2011. We started our trip on the 14th of January in Ushuaia in Argentina. From there we headed North, first through Argentina and Chile, then through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia where we finished after nine months and 10’076 kilometers on the road. We were often asked during our journey why we are cycling. For us it is just the perfect way to travel. You see more from the landscape, you feel the weather and the different climates, you reach spots where hardly any other tourists go and it is much easier to get in touch with the locals and to get the vibe of a country.

After more than nine months on the road we are safe back home in Switzerland. Thanks to everyone who has welcomed us at the airport!

Under Blog we publish in irregular intervals our travel reports depending on the availability of internet connection in combination with a bad weather day. If the sun is shining we prefer to stay outside. Under Route you can follow our itinerary on Google Maps. Tipps & Tricks is still under construction. The Equipment section got finally an update and lists now most of the stuff that we are traveling with. About us should be self-explaining. The homepage is kept in English because our families and friends speak either German or Italian but just a few both. And none of us speak or can write the other language perfectly. So we decided it is easier to violate the English language.

Contact us: on2x2wheels :at: gmail.com